W B Yeats roses at the Nursery

We have just potted up a limited stock of the beautiful floribunda rose W B Yeats, which will soon be ready for retail sales.  This rose was named in 2015 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Irish poets birth.  The flowers are a semi double rich red petal with vivid yellow stamens that will flower throughout the summer.  This rose variety has a gold medal from RNRS (Royal National Rose Society) trials and a certificate of merit from The Hague rose trials.  Height and Spread:  85cm *85cm

If you are searching for a unique reminder of W B Yeats for your garden, this is an ideal way to celebrate his work, and connection with County Sligo.  The W B Yeats rose would make an ideal gift to buy for someone special.  To purchase the W B Yeats rose contact Western Plant Nursery on 071 9176376 or info@wpn.ie



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