Award winning Garden Centre

 Western Plant Nursery

Western Plant Nursery Garden Centre

in County Sligo

All our Plants are all grown in our own nursery

and garden centre 200m from Sligo bay

Our Nursery propagates its own quality stock 

with special emphasis given to our harsh western sea board weather

Our Services

Residential and commercial Design

landscasping and Maintenance

Planting Service

Expert Advice


Quality plants, locally grown, for Coastal gardens.

Coastal areas and exposed gardens are also harsh

and unforgiving environments requiring

special plants which are capable of surviving in these conditions.


Coastal low maintenance shrubs






Our Track Record


we have been gardening for many years on a site

next to the sea in the North Mayo Sligo area.

  This is the most exposed part of Ireland so getting

plants to grow and thrive here involves

a lot of trial and error. I have spent many hours

sourcing coastal plants that have enhanced my garden

and I now want to pass these plants on to you so you too

can enjoy your gardens.

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