September 6, 2017

Garden Design

A well designed outdoor space will provide years of enjoyment.

If you have a new garden or are considering a redesign of your existing garden contact Western Plant Nursery.  We can arrange a site visit, full consultation and garden survey, from which you will get a garden design and full planting list depending on the project.   If you wish to proceed we can price up all associated works.

Whatever the size of your outdoor area we will work closely with you to make your dream garden a reality.

Problem areas such as poorly drained soil, beds in deep shade, windy and exposed conditions all present challenges in the garden.  Taking these factors into account when you design your garden could make all the difference.  Our experience and knowledge can help to overcome these issue and help to make the most of your outdoor space.

Beautifully designed herbaceous border

Expert Advice and Planting Service

Whether large or small, taking on a new planting project in your garden can be daunting.

If you would like to benefit from our years of experience we can step in and provide a full planting service.  Here at our nursery on the N59 Skreen, Western Plant Nursery has a large variety of plants that are suitable for the west coast of Ireland.  We have an established reputation for exceptional and quality plants.

We select plants suitable to, soil type, wind exposure, and sun exposure.  Our plants come from our own nursery and are chosen based on years of experience of specific coast gardens.

We offer a bespoke planting service on all our projects.  We will talk through costing on an individual basis to make sure you get the best service available and we work with you to meet all of your garden/project expectations.

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