March 28, 2017


What is a perennial plant? A perennial is very simply a plant which dies down to the ground in the winter but grows back each spring.  Perennials can also be know as cottage garden plants.   Perennials are really useful in the garden, they can almost certainly be depended upon to come back year after year, and they are generally very generous in their flowering habits.

Perennial plants can spread in the garden by different methods, by self-seeding, like foxgloves and other perennial plants will increase by root systems. If they spread by roots they can be lifted carefully in autumn or spring and divided, you can do this every two to three years depending on the type of plant, and how much they have spread. There are two advantages to dividing plants, it will renew the vigour of the plant and help to keep it healthy and you end up with double or treble the amount of plants you started off with.

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