April 11, 2017


WB Yeats Rose

At Western Plant Nursery, we are lucky to be able to supply a limited number of the floribunda rose bred especially to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the poet’s birth.  Contact us to list your name for our next delivery info@wpn.ie

W B Yeats Rose by Holly Sommerville

A commemorative print of the W B Yeats Rose by artist Holly Somerville

We stock a large selection of roses in our Nursery.

Choose from climbing roses to hybrid teas, and floribunda’s to shrub roses.  We select from the best of old fashioned roses to the latest in disease resistant varieties to satisfy our customers.

Roses are a wonderful addition to any garden, they are grown for their scent, for their blooms, they can be planted in beds, they can be used for ground cover or they can be trained up walls and over arches.

Other roses available from our nursery see planting list here.

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