April 11, 2017


We stock a good variety of trees year round, evergreen, deciduous, ornamental, fruit trees and multi stem trees.  No garden is complete without planting trees and we stock trees that are ideal for even the smallest garden.  We sell trees in three ways

  1. Potted up – these can be planted anytime of year as long as there is no frost.
  2. Bare root – these can only be planted during dormancy during the winter months, plants have no soil around the roots.
  3. Root balled – trees are lifted and the root system is kept intact in the soil, it is wrapped in hessian and chicken wire, the trees is planted with the wire and hessian, hence there is no disturbance.

During the winter months from November through to March we also stock a large variety of bare root trees.  The bare root season is an ideal time to set hedges, this particularly applies to farmers who are availing of the Glas scheme.





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