Bare Root Planting Season

Bare Root Hedging:

We are now on the cusp of the bare root season, the season lasts from the end of October through to the end of march.  Bare root plants are planted while they are dormant (not actively growing) so ideally from the end of October through to the end of March.

These plants are sold without pots.  They have been lifted from the ground and all soil/compost has been shaken off.  This makes the plants easier to transport, less expensive to buy and there is less associated waste i.e. plastic pots etc.

Plants will have been stored with roots protected from frost by plastic, hessian or by covering them in sand.  If the roots get exposed to frost directly it can kill them, so continue to protect roots until you are ready to plant.

Plants that are commonly sold as bare root include:

Hedging, birch, alder, white thorn, black thorn, hazel, holly, hornbeam, oak – these plants are particularly suitable for creating a hedgerow, white thorn, blackthorn and holly are ideal for farmers who are part of the Glas scheme or who want to create stock proof hedges.

Trees and fruit trees and sometimes even roses.

Preparing the ground:

Do not work soil that is too wet or frozen as this will cause damage.

Remove all existing vegetation, weeds, grass.

Dig a trench, this should be six inches wider than the width of the roots and approximately six inches deeper.

Incorporate organic matter, dig in well rotten farm yard manure or compost, this will work to improve the drainage of the soil and increase the fertility of the soil.

Bare root plants can have their roots plunged into a bucket of water for about half an hour before they are planted to prevent the plants drying out.

Ideal plant a double row of bare root plants approx. 6 plants per metre.

Cover the roots with soil and firm in.

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