Tree Planting

While these wintery months are upon us we have a stock of bare root trees and hedges available at the Nursery.  Hedges certainly are popular but why not consider planting a tree.

  1.  A tree is a gift that keeps on growing, consider it as a birthday present or a gift for a new baby, it will provide a legacy that can be enjoyed for many years to come.
  2. Trees are a wonderful way of creating, height, colour, and interest in any garden.
  3. Trees will add structure and purpose to a garden design.
  4. Trees provide a natural habitat for birds and insects.
  5. They provide shelter and shade. They can act as a sound barrier (where traffic noise is an issue) and provide privacy.
  6. They help with drainage by pushing roots into the ground and opening up the soil.
  7. Trees provide interest year round, from fresh green shoots in spring, to dazzling autumnal colour. Don’t underestimate the beauty of a bare tree in a wintery landscape; Himalayan birch is mostly grown for its ghostly white stems, young willow has a rich green stem.

People are often afraid that a tree will grow too big and unruly and yes there are trees that are fast growing and have earned themselves poor reputations because of it, think of Leylandii trees which can reach a dazzling 60 feet and a spread of 15 feet. Choose wisely, take time, ask advice, look around your neighbours garden. Most trees are slow growing not reaching their eventual heights for 20 years, trees for small gardens will reach 15 feet a much more manageable size. Trees can be filleted to allow more light into your garden (if that is what you are worried about). Filleting a tree will maintain height and shape but thin the crown.

Right now we have acers, alders, birch, copper beeach, mountain ash, oak,  and scots pines available in bare root, ready for planting from now until March/April.  Call us to place an order today!

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